So, this winter I got myself this book called 50 shades of Grey. I had no clue about what this book was all about. I first heard of it through one of my favorite blogger Andy Torres from Style scrapbook and not to mention it is the HOT TOPIC for everyone these days. I just got so curious and intrigued by the rage that has been going on among the women and girls all over the world for this book.

 Finally, I read it........

And I am here to assess the whole fanatic scenario that’s been going on over this particular book which happens to come in three parts, yes! A trilogy. First, I do have to admit this review is a very challenging one for me considering I have never tried my hands on a very bold subject like this before. Um.....challenging which is why I am starting off my stylus pen in my IPad and ladies! Behold yourself as this is going to be all about our 50 shades <3 



I believe there are two kinds of writers in this world. Dreamer and Realist. When u read the book, your conscious mind tells you it's completely not practical and there are so many things wrong in it on so many different levels but you still read it because it is fun, gives u lots of giggling moments and keeps the excitement running. Well this is exactly that kind of book, completely written by a Dreamer.

So having said that let's get to the GOOD parts of 50 shades of Grey, The story line is intensely beautiful and real as opposed to the "Twilight saga" which is what the world seems to be comparing it with. The plot follows a billionaire described by author E.L.James for his Greek god-like beauty, body and brain who falls for this normal beautiful yet awkward girl Anastasia "Ana" Steel. He doesn't realize he is in love as he thinks he is unworthy of it. He, who looks more than perfect from the outside world but is so damaged from the inside, haunted by his childhood cryptic past. 

Now the best part is his twisted love for this girl which is so unconditional. I think that is exactly one of the reasons what led this into the best seller list and the reason, so appealing to women all over the world is the fact that the story revolves around this idea of ONE TRUE LOVE. He is a freaking billionaire with unusual sadistic taste and he could have anyone or any number he wants as his submissive but she is "The Only One" who makes a difference to his world. There is only one "Ana" for Christian Grey and no matter how many shades he comes in; there is only one "Grey" for Ana.

He loves her in his own twisted dark kinky ways and as stated in the novel, “the only way he knows how". He boldly declares his love and desires. Though initially, Ana is innocent and unsuspecting about Christian's intentions, she quickly opens her mind to this powerful, millionaire suitor's unusual taste. Then what they embark on and what gets revealed is beyond anything else. I nearly fainted when he starts opening up and saying these wildest craziest insane things that any man would ever say.

In Today's world where monogamy is so disturbingly hard to find in men, this idea of love being irreplaceable from a man like Christian Grey who seems impossibly perfect i.e; who speaks fluent French, takes you on exotic dates by flying his own chopper, is basically a concert level pianist, is athletic, is intelligent, drop dead gorgeous and the best lover on the planet. It is bound to get women of any country, color, language get weak on their knees and drooling. Maybe quite hard to digest that it is set in the real entrepreneur world of Seattle. But you still read it, enjoy it and love him as you loved the superficial characters Edward Cullen and Jacob black.

People who dwell on the cinematic world for entertainment (I guess nowadays it's everyone)are always hungry for a new attractive fiction or non fiction perfect love story. Hence so many production companies opting for best selling novels instead of the old fashioned way of script writing. Well it is 50 shades of grey; the next new big thing as they are calling it.


My sister told me its not known for its literary work. I agree to that to some extent. I believe it could have completely taken a different direction if the erotic scenes were lessened and if the writer had taken some realist approach on many layers and levels of writing. I do admire the imaginative mind of the author but in order to achieve something great & worth standing for, one should be both dreamer and a realist. At some point, I felt like the writer was a young naive teenager who wrote down all her fantasies of that 'dream guy' she dreamed of out of reading too many "mills and boons" and romantic novels in high school and college ..lol I mean, it's too funny and bloody good to be true.

What I disliked was the repetitive and way too many sexual scenes described in an explicit way which I felt at some point was quite unnecessary and clearly looked like a bang-on cheap selling strategy. There are way too many explicitly racy and raunchy scenes in this novel. Any Under 18's aren't allowed and shouldn't read this book.

At some point i had to skip few pages as it was going more to the grotesque side than being erotic or sensual and I was in the middle of this massive craze over this impossibly perfect caring gentle man and then his dark obsessive masochist kinky sides....Again and again.uh oh!!!!!! I wasn't ready for that from Mr. perfect. 

I just wish some chapters were dedicated to the other many complex elements of this disturbed sadist every female reader is into. I mean with the dysfunctional childhood trauma he faces as a kid being born by a crack whore and with a pimp around plus he being adopted by a wealthy perfect family & having trouble adjusting to a new world, his need to control, tormented by demonic aspects in the plot..... The writer had so many psychological elements to get creative with yet she chose to put a gorgeous billionaire running around like a puppy and chasing, stalking a normal girl with his BDSM issues. Coming from an adult writer it could have gone more. To be clearly assessing, the potential she missed seems bountiful.

Where as on a lighter note, who could have said? There are millions of books written by the best literary genius from all around the world but this particular book gets that BIG BREAK of $50MILLION. Call it sharp luck, great PR, great publicists or the plethora of women lusting over these chapter's special erotic specifications. What ever undefined reasons, 50 shades is generating all the female fans like a hurricane. 

After all what do I know? I am just a young blogger writing my mind out and mind it, I am not underage but maybe I am little too young to understand few derogative things in there. Overall, this book is the kind of book which most of them have read it but they will pretend it otherwise. A guilty pleasure for everyone, indeed.