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Anyways, I hope u guys will love my article & try to look up for ur own sign.
So here it is;

2001 was the year when I first learnt of how all of our lives were ruled by the universe and the planets beyond. Growing up with two elder sisters who were obsessive about astrology, I was obviously nowhere near the idea of refraining it. Thus, began my quest as an influenced little sister. Eventually, I started doing my own research and tried to find ways in connecting the zodiacs with my greatest passion, i.e FASHION.As a fashion blogger, I have personally made an illustration wardrobe chart especially for all my readers. So, here is what the stars, constellations, planets and the universe say about you and your style.


AQUARIUS (Jan 21 –Feb 18);
Symbol-  The Water Bearer
Ruling planet- The
Catch phrase- “I
Colour- Violet,Turquoise,Blue
Positive traits-Independent, Open minded, Eccentric,Friendly
Fahionistas-Lauren Conrad, Mischa Barton, Emma Roberts
Aquarians have a unique sense of style. They are mostly the ones to rock the new trends in the market. If they like it, they will wear it as long as they stay true to themselves, they don’t mind breaking the rules of fashion. They love bright colours. As their sign symbolises water, they like flowy dresses and quirky accessories. They have an independent and forward way of dressing up.

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 20)
Symbol-  The Twins
Colour- Rainbow
Ruling planet- The mercury
Catch phrase- “I think”
Positive traits- Witty, Charming, and Adventurous
Fahionistas-Sonam Kapoor, Marykate & Ashley Olsen, Zoë Saldana

Gemini symbolizes two pieces of wood bound together. Like wise, they have dual personalities when it comes to clothing too. Anything goes for them. They like youthful, eclectic and funky styles. They like playing with different kinds of odd colours and designs. Their style is unpredictable and never boring. They are either trendsetters or a fashion’s victim as they aren’t afraid to take fashion to the extreme.

LIBRA (Sep 23 –Oct 23)
Symbol-  The Scale
Ruling planet- the
Catch phrase- “I
Colour- Pink, Light Blue, Ivory
Positive traits-Lovable, Generous, Friendly
Fahionistas-Hilary Duff,Camilla Belle,Kim kardarshian.
Librans see all things positive in this world. They are the ones who’ve got all sorted out and a balanced life. They are fashion conscious and think twice before heading out in public. Their style is feminine, romantic and soft. They don’t like flashy or gaudy style. Libra’s style is a balance between glamourous and casual wear. They shop with a fair attitude, without breaking their bank account.


ARIES (Mar 21- Apr 20)

Symbol- The Ram
Ruling planet- Mars
Catch phrase-“ I AM”
Colour- Red and Black
Positive Traits- Quick, Confident, Energetic
Fahionistas- Leighton Meester, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson,Suri Cruise

Aries is a strong sign with a mind of its own. Like their nature, their fashion sense is  fierce and one that oozes confidence. They definitely don’t mind being the centre of attraction. Their symbol, Ram rules the head so they like wearing hats, headbands and other accessories that draw attention to the head. They like super bold colours and aren’t much into neutrals. They also like to dress masculine and sporty look.

SAGGITARIUS (Nov 23-  dec 21)

Symbol-  The Archer
Ruling planet- Jupiter
Catch phrase- “I SEE”
Colour- Purple, Royal Blue, Indigo
Positive traits- Optimistic, Honest, Easy-Going
Fashionista- Taylor Swift, Miley cyrus, Vanessa Hudgen,Chanel Iman, Scarlet Johansson.
  • Saggitarians are optimistic, full of energy and versatility. This sign loves to go wherever the wind or the arch takes them, so they like wearing comfortable and versatile clothing. They are very adventurous even when it comes to fashion. They have a bohemian way of dressing up.So they experiment with different kinds of style. They just dress sponteneously and don’t put too much thought into it.
LEO (Jul 23 –Aug 23)

Symbol-  The Lion
Ruling planet-
Catch phrase-
Colour- Gold
Positive traits-Courageous, Powerful,Spontaneous
Fashionista- Madonna,Jennifer Lopez,Demi Lovato,Taylor Momsen

Leo  uses fashion to express themselves and communicate their frame of mind. They like luxurious,rare,exclusive designer pieces. They are often a rebel.However, it’s rather hard to pin down their particular style , I mean look at Madonna or J.Lo but they do have a flare for gold and animal prints. Their personality is always powerful and dominating. So nomatter what they wear,their strong attitude and style always comes across as their USP.


TAURUS (Apr 21 –May 20)

Symbol- The Bull
Ruling planet Venus
Catch phrase- I have
Colour- Pink, Pastel Blue, Light green
Positive traits- Reliable, Resourceful, Hard working
Fahionistas- Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Christina Hendricks, Diane Agron
  • Taureans are very warm, gentle and charming by nature. So they like to wear classic and well tailored clothes. They love high quality and expensive clothes. The Bull rules over the throat and neck, they love highlighting this area with scarves and necklaces. They are not a fan of ostentatious or knock off clothing.
VIRGO (Aug 24- Sep 22)

Symbol- The Virgin
Colour- Cream, Dark brown, Navy Blue
Ruling planet-Mercury
Catch phrase- ‘I Analyze’
Positive traits- observant, Perfectionist, Thoughtful
Fahionistas- Rachel Billson, Blake Lively, Nicole Richie

Virgos have a wonderful eye for detail. So, they like neat and polished look even when they are wearing the most casual outfits. They don’t like gaudy or over the top look. They have the ability to look stylish just by sticking to the basics. They mostly invest on timeless pieces. Usually one piece in their wardrobe is always one of a kind whether it’s shoes, bags or purses.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22- Jan 20)

Symbol- The Goat
Ruling planet- the Saturn
Catch phrase- I use
Colour- Black, Dark Gray, Brown
Positive traits- Mature, Practical, Ambitious
Fashionistas-Nina Dobrev, Kate Middleton, Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth

Capricorns are independent, strong willed handworker. They generally stick with solid and basic colour pallette. They like classic designs and arent much into trying outrageous trends. They don’t normally buy frilly, printed outfits. They prefer sleek, simple,clean silhouettes and understated glamour. They manage to look great even in the simple designs.


CANCER (Jun 21- Jul 22)

Symbol- The crab.
Ruling planet- The Moon
Catch phrase- “I feel”
Colour- Silver, Pearl White, Pastels
Positive traits- Compassionate, Sentimental, Patient.
Fashionistas- Selena Gomez, Cheryl Cole, Diane Kruger
  • Cancerians run the entire gamut of human emotion. They are very mood driven and same is their sense of style, constantly changing. Crabs are very sentimental, so they look for clothes that have a story to tell them like vintage wears. This sign loves to wear clothes that is the juxtaposition of both traditional and feminine details.
PIECES ( Feb 19- Mar 20)

Symbol- The Fish
Ruling planet- The Neptune
Catch phrase- “I believe”
Colour- Sea Green, Violet, Indigo
Positive traits- Romantic, Artistic, Helpful
Fahionistas-Olivia Palermo, Rihanna, Ashley Greene, Whiney port, Carrie Underwood
  • Piseceans are real romantics which makes them drawn to flowy, feminine and delicate styles.They are like Mermaids, who love to swim in the sea of fashion. They are naturally creative which makes them yearn for artsy pieces for their wardrobe. Pisces rules over the feet, so they love wearing fabulous shoes.
9. SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22)

Symbol- The scorpion
Ruling planet- The Pluto
Catch phrase- “I Desire”
Colour- Black, Dark Red, Sea Green
Positive traits-Loyal, Passionate, Intuitive
Fashionistas-Anne Hathaway, Katy Perry, Aishwarya Rai, Demi Moore, Rachel McAdams.
  • Scorpio’s have strong imagination and intuition. So their fashion sense is very innovative. Scorpios are drawn to intense, rich colors, but usually have a closet full of dark-colored clothes. They love fashion forward clothes but choose not to wear OTT(over the top) clothings as they like leaving something for the imagination. Their style is more sophisticated than sporty. However, they don’t like boring looks.

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