Over the years, I have learnt the importance of details which is so pivotal in any form of art. Since my area is fashion & clothing, I have grown to pay real attention to details and fragments in every design.

Plus Have u been in the same situation as me? Like in that shopping state where you like the outfit but not the buttons. Anyhow I buy it and customize it w/ my own pair of buttons. It is so fun when the outcome comes as you’ve wished. J     

It is also interesting how a simple change can bring out a beautiful side of the garment.So here is my first D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) post. The simplest one ever possible.
I hope you like it.

Things you need to start your D.I.Y.

1.     Needle and thread.
2.     A Scissor.
3.     A measuring tape.
4.     Beautiful New Buttons to replace.


The Steps to Start your D.I.Y.

1.     First with the help of a scissor you need to neatly remove the tacky or old buttons already attached or that came with the garment when you bought it.

2.     Then, you need to have your needle and thread ready on-the go.

3.     Now you need to measure the distance between the button holes inorder to sew your new buttons at the right spot with the right distance. If you want to add more buttons, you also need to simulataneously make new button holes for them.If your style is rough and edgy, you don’t need to measure, u can simply place and sew them wherever you like.

4.     After you are done placing them all, you can try them on.:-D

Till then there’s More2MyStyleDiary……

Love & Luck