Oh my god!!!  
When I got the chance to met Mikkel Lentz (the lead guitarist from the Michael Learns to rock) at a pre-bash party ;one day before the concert...I was startled & so amazed by how good looking n down to earth he was. His entire band member left but he stayed back for his fans & that's when I got the chance to take a picture w/ him.

Michael Learns to Rock (also known as MLTR) is a Danish pop rock band that perform songs in English.  MLTR have won many awards and have earned gold and platinum status for their records in many countries. They were great band who were very popular especially in the 90's. My brother n sisters were a fan of their music & honestly speaking I had only heard their few popular songs. But by the time I went to the concert. I had already bought their album n knew more songs than I did before.  The opening was grand n when Mikkel Lentz came out in a suit.....Boy!!I was mesmerized n so were hundreds of girls n women out there!!! 

Amazing nights, I got lucky I got to see them twice!! First at the dinner party n then at the concert!! It was worth remembering!!!

Till then there’s More2MyStyleDiary......So keep tuning in...