Fashion is unpredictable & that's what makes it so much more exciting.  The inevitable thing about fashion is that it has to constantly change with new exploding ideas & trends....otherwise it gets boring n dull. I adore fashion from the older decades.Whenever i see old movies & songs, I notice very innovative and creative styles. Honestly i have too many things running allover my head and i try to think of ways of customizing it...Like wearing the 70's or 20's inspired dress but with a little twist related to the current era.Even all the runways are full of old age inspired clothes and collection but with a modern take/ twist. 

We all know what a rage flared pants were in the  mid-to-late 1970s.Anyways today I wore this flared pants that have been hanging in my closet for a long time but i had never tried it on.So I paired it with my salmon ruffle top and Aldo Heels!!! well,the heels were a gift from my elder younger sister. it looks gorgeous but is not as comfortable to wear!! Ah.... You know what they say,  NO PAIN, NO GAIN!! 
F.Y.I Anything  for my blog & all my lovely viewers!!