Dear readers,

It was my brother’s birthday week. So, we planed a mini trip to Washington Dc to celebrate his birthday. Our trip to the District was approximately a four hour drive that was filled with laughter and songs and for me a lot of snooze fest. Apologies to my fam, for I can be a sleepy traveler due to my own motion sickness issue. Once we reached the Capitol, it was anything but boring. We reached around 3 o’clock in the warm and balmy afternoon. We checked into our hotel, which was conveniently located in Downtown, DC, and a mere two blocks from the White House (ahem, All Scandal fanatics) and a nice short walk to all monuments and museums.

The first day we had a pleasant walk to the National Mall and Memorial Parks. We were excited enough to cover the Washington monument, the Lincoln Memorial and World War II Memorial. It was a beautiful experience to see the history and the present day America.

The next day, we went to see two museums; one of them was the grand National Museum of Natural History. One of the galleries hold the magnificent and historical pieces of jewelry that we probably ended up spending a lot of time with. Precious gemstones and minerals were in display that explained the historical aspects of where it originated from or on whose crown or belt or brooch or ears it was on. YES! On belts! Hmmm people back in the days did live a surreal life. Anyways, there were also other fascinating galleries like the mammals and ocean animals’ galleries that left us in awe. Sometimes, one just have to admire the beauty of nature.

The next gallery was the Renwick Gallery, which was located across the street from the White House. This gallery had one of the best installation art and contemporary craft. One of the rooms was the Bettie Rubenstein Grand Salon where they encouraged you to lay down on the carpet and watched the ceiling change its colours  Another room featured the “In the Midnight Garden” by Jennifer Angus which had dead insects (Yuck!) glued on the pink walls that made beautiful patterns. Please check out the picture to see the beauty of it.

Another stop was the White House, which frankly underwhelmed us after seeing all the museums and the monuments. We took some pictures and since it was very cold we headed to our hotel and planned for dinner night out. We checked out the restaurants in the yelp app and picked out a nice Korean restaurant. The food was very authentic and we had a lovely family dinnertime. We strolled around the sidewalks around 10 pm on our way back to the hotel. Frankly speaking, I loved DC more than NY. The wide roads and open spaces, the peaceful environment, the amazing buildings and the parks Oh my god!! It was beautiful. After all it is the capital we are talking about right!!!

Anyways, that’s all for now.

There’s more 2 my style diary
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Love & Luck