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Dear readers,

I am back in my homeland, I feel so refreshed and revived from my three months vacation in New York. It was certainly my highlight of 2015. Anyways, as soon as I got back my schedule were filled with piled up works, catch up with my friends and lots of ledgery paperwork duties. Phew!! Hectic but I have got no complains. Specially, the feeling of sleeping in your own bed is just something else. There’s nothing like home indeed.

Well, getting to the blogging mode I was so excited when I recently got this email from one of the best selling luxury online destination Seriously, it is one of the site in my bookmark list and their concept of 400 boutiques and 1 online address is just fabulous. They have amazing collections from top high end designers and so many varied options to choose from. So, when they invited me to collaborate with them I was on board immediately no matter how busy I was. So what I had to do was create two sets of him and her look for Valentine's Day. 

So for girls look, I put options of two dresses; one very elegant sexy and other very fun and vibrant. After all we all can't be too sure, we have to have our emergency dress ready right? Personally, I am very mood oriented while picking my dresses. So it all depends on my mood. So I chose this Givenchy sheer floral macrame dress and a Christian Siriano bell sleeve circle dress. On the other hand, I chose accessories that would compliment both the dresses. For me, when it comes to accessories less is always more. I like to collect unique elegant pieces. I absolutely loved the pieces I have added in this set like Ileana Makri chrome diopside ring, Giuseppe Zanotti heels and Dolce & Gabbana box clutch <3 

For the men's look I chose two outfits; a formal look and a biker look. I think these two looks when well put together can never fail to look sexy and smart. So boys if you want to impress your valentine date with your outfit then I bet on these two looks for you all. If you are going for a suit, if it's black opt for black shoes the shiny ones that are so trendy right now and if you are going for grey or blue suit then brown formal shoes will compliment it all the way. On the other hand if you want to pull off a biker look then a nice Chelsea boot is the way to go. And don't forget to add little bit of nice perfume and mind it!!! not too much that your lady might suffocate out of it. Lol 

So I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed being a part of the farfetch collaboration. 

Till then there's more 2 my style diary. 
Love & luck