Dear readers,

You know how I used to blog so much, how utterly I enjoyed and loved it. Well, sadly nowadays I don’t get the time. My schedules are so hectic on weekdays and on weekends I just spend quality time with my friends and family. Besides I want to post high-resolution pictures on my blog yet I hate carrying my Dslr everywhere. Some serious setback I got :( That’s why I need to sort my patterns out and get back to blogging for real.

This following weeks since my absence here, I had so many meetings and presentations with my clients. I was interviewed by three enthusiastic masters students on young entrepreneurs from kings college. It was a delightful experience. Also I had the lovely opportunity to be interviewed by Gaurav Pote from Kathmandu post. Overall, it was a very exciting yet hectic month for me. Life is certainly on an exhilarating mode but I need some time to take a breather. I will certainly try to keep you all posted.

P.s Since the weather is getting hotter day by day. I decided to post a jersey look from Grazia Store.

Thank you for stopping by.
Love & Luck