Dear readers,

From my past post, you all might be well acquainted of how much I love love Saturdays and I am sure a lot of people can relate to that. However, this particular Saturday, April 25th, 2015 was tainted by darkness. An unimaginable event occurred, something that none of us had even remotely thought would occur. That morning I was sitting in my red couch, and I was sipping Jasmine tea. In fact I had also instagrammed a picture of it with a hashtag #PerfectSaturdayMorning. Ironically a few minutes later, things changed. It wasn't a perfect morning after all. At first, the doors started banging and my first thought was who is banging our door. I stood up and realized that everything was shaking and that’s when I suddenly felt the need to run. Immediately, I yelled out to my family: "Earthquake, let’s run!" I opened the door and ran from the second floor to the first when I realized my mum and my brother weren’t behind me. That’s when I had to make a call in a tiny fragment of second whether to run outside alone or go back up the stairs. I choose to climb the stairs back as I could not imagine something happening to them. I reached our floor when it started shaking more heavily and I just couldn’t move as I kept falling back and forth. Luckily I was holding the wooden handles of the stairs, which kept me buoyant. It was the most dreadful moment in my life and in the life of every one living in Nepal, something I wish to never experience ever again. I kept thinking “when will it stop” and it finally did.

That’s when my mum and my brother started saying lets head out and they did but I realized my baby dog “Liliyput” was on the terrace. So I went to fetch her. Lily was at the top of the railings barking out loud maybe out of fear or something else I could not figure out. When I called her, she did not respond to me. So, I went up and carried her and ran out. My mum and my neighbor uncle were furious at me saying you think of a dog instead of yourself. They were probably worried about me as were thousands of people at that moment. Anyways, what followed after that was the constant aftershocks some big, some smaller ones but both equally taking our soul away minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. The death tolls were rising along with the ones injured, people lost their family and their homes, unimaginable chaos spread everywhere, shocking news bringing constant fear. Luckily where I live there wasn’t much damage done except for a few tiny cracks here and there. We slept outside in tents for almost a week after that. Now we are all okay and I have started getting back to my work and opened my studio and praying for better calmer days ahead.

Video By IFAA

Amidst all this, what we witnessed and felt was the awakening of compassion, generosity, kindness and humanity taking a beautiful shape in the form of unity and love for our motherland. The generous donations from all around the world, the helping hands were so overwhelming which gives us all hope that we will rise again and make a new Nepal better and stronger.

This was my story of Nepal Earthquake. A dreadful experience of a lifetime that I wish upon no other country. 

You all stay safe.