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Dear readers,

I can’t tell you how busy I have been this past few months. Hence the zero posts these days, extremely sorry for that. Btw, I have special news to announce. I am opening my own store YAY!!! Inspire Fashion Studio will be a small atelier where you can shop and order all of my designs. I know a lot of people keep asking me, “why now, why not before?” For the past two years I have been working solo and retailing my collections in various fashion houses. But now I feel like it’s the right time to move to the next level and also to ease all of my client’s wishes. I am sure my studio will be offering the best of my creativity at a fair price.

So coming to my explanation for being M.I.A here in my blog… Hmmmm… well with the opening of my own studio, I have found myself in a spiral of workload and not that I am complaining, I mean I love what I do but there’s just too much work that I have to twist and turn my brain around for multitasking and multi communicating. It’s not easy at all to build a business entity and there are something’s you can only learn through doing and experiencing. It is said that where theory is often taught in the ideal of vacuum, the practical is learned through the reality of life and right now I feel every inch of reality in much larger picture. 

But at the end of the day, it is really cool to experience that. I am proud of what I do and pretty happy with it. I enjoy the rush and it keeps me intact and the challenges of creating new things just excite me. I have been learning and learning so much. I sincerely think that the most important thing in life is to learn everyday and grow with it.

Love & Luck