Pictures by Binti Tulip
               Skirt: Topshop | Halter: Atmosphere by Grazia | Shoes: Charles & Keith | Bag: Coach

Dear readers,
I decided to do a summer look for this post because the scorching heat of summer has arrived. Here I am wearing one of my favourites but a least worn item from my closet. I have had this skirt for few years now and I find it really cute but uncomfortably short to wear in public. lol Also, here's the entry of my new coach bag, a surprise present from my brother <3 The weather in the last few weeks has been very hot here in Kathmandu. When it’s like this I miss, not the cold of winter but a milder weather. I guess I am a spring lover, because it is the point of transition from winter to summer. The weather is pleasant, and the trees that have been bare throughout the winter slowly come to life. It’s enjoyable to observe that.

Even in life, the point of transition is always fascinating. Like the time when we are about to change our path it’s exciting. I think that the time when we are struggling to come out of our comfort zone is something that we ought to cherish. It’s that space when we are bidding farewell to our old self so that we can embrace the new us and things that are in store for us. 

I read somewhere that we should look at every exit as being an entrance to somewhere else, some place where our fate lies. I hope that it’s a beautiful, and the challenge for me is also to make the journey a beautiful one. 

Stay tuned 
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