Pictures By Binti Tulip
Dress: D.S Collection | Jumper: Philip Lim 3.1 | Boots: Taxxi | Bag: BCBG Generation

Dear readers,
On the first day of our short trip we were welcomed by a gloomy sky and a cold afternoon. I had not expected for this kind of weather as I had packed my bags with an end of the winter in mind. Due to this change of weather I had to be creative with whatever I had in my luggage.I was little exhausted by the motion sickness. So, I went for fuss free, warmer and cuter look. For lunch my sister and I decided to go to one of our favourite place from our childhood. It’s called Hotel Fishtail. I remember coming to this place with my family and having dinner. I have such a fond picture of this place probably because I was quite young and I always used to look forward to the last course of the meal, which would be an ice-cream. I think for me it was the best part. We knew one of the chefs at the hotel, and we called him fondly Rajesh Uncle, who complimented us with beautiful small appetizers.

Hotel Fishtail is a three star hotel which is located in a secluded spot in Fewa Lake. I found the landscaping of the hotel beautiful in the way how it blends in with the natural landscape. Being there one cannot help but admire the view of the lake and the forest that extends at the back of the hotel. Most of the rooms are separately located and small villas are scattered all over the premises. This gives a sense of privacy. Overall, if you are in Pokhara and looking to spend a peaceful time then this is the destination to go to.

Love & Luck