For my International readers to now, last Saturday wasNepali New year's eve 2070. I know we are very ahead in the numbers (2070).Lol

Well, I had stopped going for Babydoll dresses these days. I used to wear them a lot whenI was little and four/five years back when it had made such a comeback. Its notthat I don’t like em’ anymore but particularly for some reasonsor (lets just say my fair skin tone, petiteness and features), I always end upgetting comments from people for looking too teenag’ish. I guess, it’s a compliment to look younger than your age but professionally and career wise Iwant to look smart, sharp, and adult like in order to be taken seriously.

Anyways, getting to my post point and having said all that, Ijust couldn’t resist when one of my sister showed me this dress. So I said “whatthe heck” & I decided to get all doll’d up. Plus I had good time with twoof my favorite gurlies!!! 

For all the Nepali viewers, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2070 and wish youall the happiness in the world.
Love and Luck.

yup!!! that's my best friend with her Killer looks!!!:)