Photo courtesy- Changii || F@shion Intoxication || Kiroz Manandhar 

Hey ya'all,
I am extremely sorry for the lack of posts these days. Actually I was busy with my clothing line's new collection display and other things engaged me so much that I had very little or :p No time at all for blogging. I know it's a very typical excuse but yes! work is an inevitable part of a grown up life. Though I am very lucky to have a freelancing job and the fun super cool things that comes with it. Fashion world & the job of a fashion designer might look "oh so fancy" from the outside but the stress, responsiblity, pressure is as much the same as any normal 9 to 5 job. Okay! Now enough of me rambling.........

Getting to the event, which was organized by the awesome Vootoo Entertainment at the Hotel Annapurna was a grand success as it was well organized with perfect Emcee, choreography, Hair & makeup, stage management and sound. We had an amazing time back stage. Loved the fact how the Vootoo Entertainment provided us separate hotel Rooms. :) 

Anyways, I displayed three of my designs through my label "Inspire" and my retail outlet "House of fashion" . The collection was modern take on an imalgamation of beachwear silhoutte and traditional prints. The one which our showstopper Reema Bishwokarmi was flaunting on stage was a joint effort by three designers of House of Fashion, basically a cocktail. :) 

I had a wonderful time and a great experience.
I hope you liked it.

Till then there's More 2 My StyleDiary