This was few days back when I was at Kvilla  ( a small getaway Resort, me and my brother started little over a year ago with an initiation to provide a beautiful boutique experience to our guests). Anyways getting to my point, as soon as I sorted out the ledgers and the files, I felt very chillaxed and free. So took these pictures in my loose light clothes. It is amazing for people who spent most of their hectic life in the stuffed colonies of the polluted and populated city.Trust me! It's the perfect place for couples and families who are looking for a peaceful tranquil time. I would like to add from my experience that whenever some couples or family visits the place, they all love love it. I mean seriously lust over the atmosphere we have over here.

That day after taking these pictures and eating delicious home cooked-like entrées with freshly plucked organic vegetables from Kvilla garden. It suddenly dawned on me how unappreciative I was when I spent whole of my teenage years in the middle of this beautiful hills and forests. At that time, when my friends gushed about how awesome the place was whenever we had sleepovers or I invited them over; I never fully appreciated the beauty of the lush green forests, the fresh crisp air, the sweet chirping of the rare shivapuri birds early in the morning and the allegedly awesome view of the Kathmandu valley (specially at night). You know how they say, "Even sugar starts tasting bitter if u have it in the excess " or " you realize the real worth of something when it's not so close to you'. Lol 

But hey! This awesome Kvilla experience is open for everyone now that we have permanently settled in the city which is a Yay! for me cuz now I don't have to travel 2 hrs to get to the main city.

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Trust me! Visit once and you won't regret it. We have had a 100% customer satisfaction sofar. So, are you the next Kvilla guest???

p.s Distorted image of me in the candle stand :p

Love & Luck