I recently got a delightful gift from one of the sweetest brother I know from States and it was an IPad. I was completely taken aback as it was a surprise. Anyways, since I got this I’m totally in love with it. I can do everything and anything. It has certainly made my daily life easier. I can make my own designs and fashion  illustrations, make my own presentations, edit videos & photos with a snap, make my own songs, get the latest news & updates and so on….One of my favorite app is FNetwork . Seriously it is a wonderland for any aspiring fashion designer.

I admit I’m not a gadget freak but this is definitely something to have your eyes on. If you want to know more about coolest gadgets & latest apps, you can visit my best friend’s blog HERE. I’m sure you’ll love it.

That’s all for now.
There’s More2MyStyleDiary. So stay tuned.

Love & Luck