After long days of working, hauling, and setting up my new home, feels so good to blog again. However, Today I want to recommend two of my favorite ppl & more importantly their blogs. They are my best friends and I would appreciate it, if u guys would check out their blog.

HAPPYNIKNOWIT {prits}----My friend who is an IT pro and a total sweet heart just recently opened her own blog. She is new in the blog world. So, it would be a real encouragement to her if u guys would visit her blog and if interested, follow her. Click HERE to get inside the world of PRITA JOSHI.

WHATTHYHECK {trish}-----Other friend of mine lives far away now but not so far away from our heart. A business student, she is currently studying in Charleston, West Virginia. She is Very intelligent and not to mention, witty. Check out her cool writings & click HERE to get into the world of TRISHA TAMRAKAR.

The best home video ever feat; the coolest Hollywood teens.

Till then there’s More 2 my Style Diary.
So stay tuned.

Love & Luck