Sonam kapoor is the single greatest thing that has ever happened to bollywood fashion scenario. Sonam’s style is definitely not wat you’d expect a bollywood actress to usually wear. She is way much better. With great taste,great knowledge she’s got the panache to pull off any kinds of trends. Cosmo labeled her-glamour geek,tomboyish girliegirl and traditional rebel denoting that her definative style is  hard to figure out as she looks flawless in every look, be it androgynous, sophisticated, girly, sporty or the punk look. Hand picked to be the  l’Oreal paris youngest ambassador, plus how many indian actresses gets invited to an intimate private party by Roberto Cavalli.She even claims to be a thrift store friend , a vintage dress collector and I like how frankly she says she doesn’t earn enough to buy high end designer stuffs plus havent taken a single penny from her very talented dad (senior bollywood actor) ever since she started working. Yet she is no. 1 in our every well dressed lists.Seriously, she is the perfect example to prove that u don’t necessarily have to spend big heavy bucks to look awesome
.She brings her own individuality to all her designer or non designer outfits. And just when u think she’s only about fashion, oh oh think again!! She is an avid book lover, a video game fanatic, interested in horror movies, filmaking, chilvalrous gone by eras, goes trekking n outdoors with her normal non bollywood friends and so much more to add her into the coolest girl list…P.S She happens to be very very fashionable.
Anywaz  for all you sonam kapoor fans outthere, I guess this post was entertaining enough!! 


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