Though i'm always kinda late on posting about my whereabouts; this is my first fashion article that got published in VERSE magazine a month back. Verse is an up & coming magazine which is very different from the others. In every issue it chooses a particular theme and a series of very talented writers work on it to deliver the best informative issue ever. Though my articles have nothing to do with the theme, its strictly fashion.:) Anyways, So if u r a keen person who wants to know new things and explore the other side,this is the perfect magazine for u.


 Date-1st  sep,2011
Fashion is a rage that travels through places and time. I believe Fashion and style goes hand in hand. “Fashion and Style” is an aspiration shared by everyone as it is an extension of your own personality. It is what defines your exterior and evolves you in certain ways you might not comprehend. For some people, clothes might just be a mere piece of fabric stitched to wrap around your body but a true stylist sees them in a different light. A light from where they can navigate the difference between color, cut and silhouette with the drop of a hat. When a person smiles, the outfit must smile with them. Fashion should be spontaneous and something that you do for yourself, not just to impress others. When an aesthetic eye meets a stylish tasteful soul, there is an emergence of a true fashionista. A true fashion follower is someone who truly appreciates and takes fashion as an art or an iconography. Someone who genuinely enjoys the whole process that goes into making the perfect look.
As technology is developing rapidly, the world is getting smaller and smaller, making various altering aspects of fashion accessible to even a small country like ours. Evidently, Kathmandu’s fashion scenario has definitely peaked by a good fraction in the last few years. Yes! Kathmandu, a city full of fashion enthusiasts and clothing stores even at the nook of any random street.
Fashion is undeniable even for those who contradict it. We all love to look a certain way from a young punk who can swear an oath to never get over “black and studs” or a woman who limits herself to only saris or a man who cant imagine himself wearing anything but “khaki with chapals” to a girl who can vouch her life in the name of Chanel, Prada, YSL and Gucci. Acknowledge it or not, we all live with fashion accompanied by our own personal style and temperament. What is so great about fashion is the fact that it speaks in volume and transcends different attitudes and reaches out to a general mass. We are all of different shapes, sizes, color, character and that is what makes the world so interesting to live in. The various trends that come and go with each season are the elements that make fashion enviably our hottest accomplice.

As a blogger I’m here to tell you ‘What to wear’ for this crazy monsoon and forthcoming autumn with these 12 hottest trends to die for-


1.     BACK TO BASICS: Nude, Black and white are still going strong. These three basic palettes have the power to go neutral, sober to sexy. So if you know your style, work your magic with any of these colors.

2.     BOLD ORANGE: From tangerine to saffron, Orange is the hottest colour to flaunt this season. Add a hint of orange accessories, to bring life to any of your plain outfit. You can also work your way into your office by combining orange with white and beige. If you are into sporty look, wear orange shorts with casual statement t- shirts.

3.     MIXED PRINT: Animal prints, geometric prints are really hot this season. As the patterns are fierce and strong, light make ups and no accessories work best in creating a perfect elegant look. Polka dots are also making a fierce come back. This season just let the prints do the talking.

4.     PUNK IT UP: Light weight leather, uneven hemlines, spiked jackets, dr. martens, torn jeans and tees are all the rage among the youthful crowds. So don’t hesitate to unveil your wild side.

5.     SUMMER JACKETS: Boyfriend blazers and cropped jackets in fruity colors are very hip this season. So team it up with a nice dress and a panama hat to go for cool effortless style.


6.     SULTRY GLAMOUR: If your style is all about parties and glamour, don’t forget to try these season’s three hottest trends i.e.; gowns/dresses with high slits, asymmetrical dresses and Mixi dresses (new found word for a dress inspired by the mini and the maxi)

7.     LESS IS MORE: if you are not into OTT (over the top) style, you can always opt for this season’s classiest trend by adding structured suit, white sheath dress or simple outfit with clean cuts.


8.     STRIPES AND SHEERS: Stripes and sheers are still heading strong. From multicolours to classic Breton, seems like this trend might be staying here for a while.

9.     ACIDIC NEONS AND GOLD: Neon and acidic colors are creating quiet frenzy in the fashion circuit right now. So make a dramatic entrance with neon, acidic or gold accessories. Get electrified this season, with these astonishingly exciting palettes.


10.                        LOUNGE LOOK: Go back to the 70’s as jump suits and floral divided skirts are back. They are easy to wear and look classy, flirty and understated. For day time opt for cotton or light flowy jumpsuits while for the night, pair draped, layered jumpsuits with statement necklace and heels.

11.                        WIDE LEGED TROUSERS: Wide leg trousers were showcased on runways since the last couple of seasons by several designers like Oscar de la renta, Zac Posen and Dsquared but still skinny jeans were ruling our wardrobe. However the trend is quickly rising above so ladies flaunt them as they are the new classics. Aren’t we all tired of skinny jeans and tights?


12.                        CODE DENIM: Denim is an eternal fabric that is a ‘must have’ for everyone but this season it got stronger than ever. Dresses, jackets, shirts, corsets, shoes, skirts, hats, bags, shorts….It is all over the place. So get onto the denim fever with head to toe denim or funk it up with accessories or leather jackets and boyfriend shirt.


13.                        CRAFTY STATEMENT JEWELERY: Get innovative this season as crafty jewelries are really “IN”. They have a wide potential of lending a unique look to an outfit. It’s making room for new DIY for Fashion bloggers and stylists all over the world. So buckle up and bring out your best scissors, needles and crafts to unleash your creative side.


14.                        UMBRELLAS: Many people might not pay attention but umbrellas are the key ingredient for a hip monsoon style. There are various types of cool umbrellas available in the market. So say hello sunshine’ to rainy weathers with your new cool bright umbrella.


15.                        BRAIDS, BUNS AND PONYTAILS: We are all tired of letting our hair loose in this hot damp weather while getting it damaged. So for this season braid your hair/tie up in a bun or a pony tail to look cool, funky or even sophisticated.

I believe fashion speaks a universal language and when u let fashion take over your body, it definitely uplifts your personality and positivity in life. So, keep it true to yourself and try these trends above as a rocking autumn awaits you.
                                                                                          ANTEE GURUNG