Hey everyone, this is me Antee Gurung starting my first blog ever “More2myStyleDiary”. Describing me n my style, I’m an avid lover of fashion n my love for it, is not just limited to clothes n accessories. My l’mour as in love for it comes from it’s inclination with anything creative i.e. art, music, poems, literature, films, architecture, nature and more. I admire creative people who can show a beautiful side of them through their designs or writings or music or any type of creations.
            I love the fact, how fashion helps to reinvent you with each new season. I love everything and anything about fashion. If u know it well and willing to put an effort, nothing can look unstylish or go wrong. You just have to know when, how and where. Although I don’t support trashy and OTT (over the top) style. That doesn’t mean I don’t like experimenting with the new trends. I take pride in sharing my knowledge about clothes n style n fashion world with the people around me and help them embrace the stylish side of them. When you have passion for something n you are well educated about it, why not spread the knowledge, right?

I believe the perfect thing about us is how imperfectly perfect we are. Eleanor Roosevelt once said,” Nobody can make u inferior without your own consent”. We might of different shape, size, colour and character but we are all beautiful in our own ways. We just have to know that little something extra to work our way through.
By my posts I will try my best not just to put  up my pictures n showcase my clothes but to share my knowledge about fashion. i want my blog to be more than just fashion,through my photos and songs i want to tell stories of life, love,relationships, friendships n all the things that bind us all together as one. p.s – if  we all focus on ourselves n start respecting  our self  for who we truly are and  simultaneously respecting all the people around us  for who they are, Minus all the negativity and unconstructiveness. Don’t u think the world would be a better and beautiful place to live in?  So plz follow me @ my blog! Till then…More2mystylediary.